London Fields Brewery, London, UK

Who says foodcrafters also says craft beer. Indeed, what more noble hoppy, pardon: hobby, than brewing your own booze? The beer scene in London has evolved radically in the last years, and many small microbreweries making truly amazing beers have appeared all over town. We visited one of them: London Fields Brewery. Founded in August 2011 […]

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Underground meats – open-source salami processing

Love salami, ham, and would love to cure your own? But you don’t DIY (do-it-yourself) meats because you think it’s too complex/painful/risky/expensive? Underground Meats is a very cool project to prove you the contrary! Those cool dudes try to open-source the safety control processes necessary to sell cured meats, to allow anyone to ride the homemade […]

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We found this great video part of the Subculture club series (definitely check it out, they have great craft documentaries). It describes a typical day in a butcher’s shop, in this case 4505 Meats, in San Francisco .

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